Trucking accidents are far more common that most people believe. Truck Drivers are required to undergo lots of additional training in order to be allowed a license to drive their big rigs on our highways. However, due to economic pressure, apathy, and/or irresponsibility, these drivers often violate the fundamental rules of their training. When they do, serious accidents can occur and a great deal of property damage and severe injury can occur also.

Trucking companies and their drivers generally have a rather large body of additional rules and traffic laws they must follow over and above that of the typical motorist. Likewise, they also have larger insurance policies due to the additional injuries and property damages that occur when things go wrong. They are held to a higher standards.

Trucking accidents are usually investigated by specialized investigators that are on call to immediately drive to the scene of a trucking accident and obtain photographs, measurements, take statements and generally obtain as many facts about the accident as possible.

In most trucking accidents, the victims are taken to the hospital and do not remain on scene, which means that the truck driver, the insurance investigators and the investigating law enforcement officers are left to discuss the situation…in other words, YOU HAVE NO REPRESENTATION at this very critical phase of a trucking accident case.

Once your immediate medical needs are addressed, you or a family member needs to contact a competent attorney to get moving on these kinds of cases before the big rig disappears or is repaired, and before the physical signs of the accident such as road damage, skid marks, measurements, damage to medians or road shoulders and other evidence of the collision is lost.

An attorney that is competent to handle a trucking case usually has resources he can call into action immediately upon his being hired, including going to court to obtain immediate court orders to inspect the big rig and trailer, obtain downloads from onboard computers and gps units (most big rigs have them now) and other information before the trucking and/or insurance companies “lose” these vital items.

Even the very best attorney cannot overcome the passage of time and its degradation of the evidence generated in these very dramatic accidents. Allowing evidence to disappear is one of the biggest problems facing trucking accident victims. It is very important that you or a family member obtain a competent attorney as soon as possible to begin the investigation and do all possible to preserve the evidence.

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