A: Unlikely and in my opinion a huge waste of money on that appeal. paying an attorney a small fee to review the case is OK, but beware, appealing a case that old is likely not even legal from a court procedure standpoint since you are supposed to take appeals within a very short time after a plea.I do not think hiring an attorney is a good bet in this case on the facts you have given here.

A: I would do all things possible to obtain a good attorney. If you cannot afford a "big name" attorney, find a younger attorney who will work within your budget. A PD in this case is likley going to be too overloaded with cases to do a thorough job. PD's are usually fantastic attorneys but they have too many cases and cannot spend time on a case like this one.

A: Strongly suggest you search an attorney out under "Medical Malpractice" in ft. lauderdale there are lots of them. this area is very complex and only an attorney can answer the many questions you have.please look one up – your issues are too complex for a simple comment forum like this one.

A: A pocket warrant is simply one that has not been put into the system. It really isn't any different than a regular warrant except that the officer with the warrant hasn't put it into the system so that other law enforcement officials can see it and therefore arrest upon contact.I would consult with an attorney immediately. do not make any statements to the police whatsoever – no denials, no admissions, nothing until you get legal advice. When you finally do meet up with the police, remember…

A: It sounds like your are stuck here because it is hard to prove you were not the driver – apparently you have made a statement that you were. you need to discuss the situation with a private paid counsel now. at least get a consultation!!!!good luck.

A: You need an attorney familiar with local government officials that can communicate effectively with the city attorney on this matter.

A: It is always best to get it in writing. Most judges will hear a request like this on an emergency basis. "take care of it.." famous last words, always get more specifics before you act and remember if your ex is estranged then she is going to do everything she can to go against you.

A: A consumer protection and/or real estate attorney is what you need. Florida has some specific laws on timesharing and the specialized advice you need is from one of these groups of people. a foreclosure lawyer could help too but would need to know more facts in order to give you good advice.

Q: Criminal court fees
Answered 8 days ago.
A: No. You just have court costs and fines etc to pay. You shouldn't lose your benefits unless of course your case involved benefits fraud or theft of benefits.

A: It appears that you may be correct. this physician should contact his health care attorney or if he doesn't have one then he should get one immediately.

A: The Defendant driver that hit is 100% responsible. You can claim against his insurance, and you can get a judgment against him personally and have his DL suspended until he pays you back. Drivers are always 100% responsible for the safe operation of the car they are driving.

Q: Negligence action for injury
Answered 11 days ago.
A: This incident should be documented. No one will take action unless the situation is documented, with dates, times and photo/video evidence. Once documentation is made, you can contact the local police and/or FDLE for assistance.Code enforcement in your jurisdiction should notified and copied on your research as well.

Q: Help I don't know what to do.
Answered 9 days ago.
A: Call an attorney and get them to go to jail and giver a consultation immediately. you can look up several in your area on AVVO

A: It is always a safe bet when commenting on someone or a company to stick with what is true. If you give a true opinion, it is always a safer bet to make sure it is clear that what your saying is your opinion – and not necessarily fact.The contents of your review may or may not expose you to a lawsuit. On the otherh and, you are not prohibited form expressing your observations and opinions, negative or posotive. Just choose your words carefully.

A: FLorida does have very strict sex offender registration. you might be able to move to another state, or try to petition the Court here to order you off the registry after the 15 years you were originally given. Likely though Florida's registration rules won't allow an exception.

A: You can unregister your car. Make sure you do not need to move it. make sure that you live in a place where an unregistered car is allowed – many apartment complexes and HOAs do not allow this – or put the car in storage or sell have to surrender the tag immediately or the state will place an additional suspension on your license.if you do not have prior duis, you may be eligible for a business purpose only license and will not have to do a year of "hard time" on your suspension….

A: You can do that. your credit is of no importance. However, make sure you don't have any judgments or they MAY be able to collect against the mobile home

A: You should retain private counsel. sounds like the public defender is representing him. Public Defenders are usually very good attorneys – but they have too many cases to work them all as hard as they could otherwise.Private counsel is the way to go. Most will consult with you for free.

A: Turn yourself in – I bet you could get a bond or there may even be a bond on your warrant. if you get picked up, it is unlikley that the Judge will want to reinstate you.You will need a lawyer familiar with local practice in your area.

A: Obtain counsel and file suit immediately. it appears as though the standard of care was breached. remember, the quicker you move on this the better. Records and evidence can get altered or disappear altogether. Do not wait or could negatively affect your case.

A: The best answer to your question is…maybe. this depends upon your prospective employers policies. WIth no conviction, you could likely get the arrest sealed after a certain amount of time has passed. However, the arrest record and diversion agreement will appear in the NCIC for life. In today's world, you are better off disclosing your arrest right away so you don't waste time with unsuitable employers.unfortunately, sites like arrests .com keep your arrest very public and since it is…

Q: Missed a trial for harassment
Answered 7 days ago.
A: Get an attorney ASAP and this may save you the trip through the jail system. if you had a good reason the trial can be reset and the Failure to Appear forgiven. but you have to move quickly because if you come into contact with a LEO, they have to arrest you – and your bond could be revoked until the trial.Take action quickly, if you do not have a private attorney yet, get one!!! you can find lots of them on AVVO

A: It is my understanding that you should be on title in florida if you are a co-borrower. If that is the case, then you may be able to take possession of the vehicle BUT do not do this until you review the bank and title documents and consult with an attorney FIRST.

A: It is possible for you to be drug tested anytime you are on probation. However, filing a false police report does not mean you will automatically be drug tested.the outcome of your case could mean you are placed on probation. if you are, you could be drug tested at any time.

A: It is unlikely you can get this removed from public records. the suit may have been filed in error and you might be able to get the management company to give you a good reference and an explanation so your rental history won't have a bad mark on it.

A: No. Unless you are a party to the mortgage you cannot be sued personally. In fact, once the condo is sold, if there is money over and above the mortgage then the estate could be owed money by the bank.

A: If the contract was for the car to be delivered to you, then the contract performance was based in Florida and you have a very good argument to file suit here and make them come here to defend. You need more facts and a live consult with an attorney that is skilled at handling interstate purchases like this on.

A: You could try to chargeback on your credit card. If it was a visa or MC debit then the protections can still apply. the terms and conditions control the sale and you may have inadvertently made a "gift" to the person you bought the ticket for.

Q: What should I do?
Answered 8 days ago.
A: Unfortunately, many dealerships won't take action until they get a letter from an attorney. Then they know they need to speed things up. I would drop by and speak to the sales manager, and let them know what you intend to do if they don't get the titlework done correctly.You can consult with a consumer protection attorney. you can find one on AVVO by searching

A: This depends upon several important facts and your buyers agreement. You should consult with a consumer law attorney immediately to protect your rights

A: As the cosigner you are permitted to contact the bank and find out if the car was repossessed.If your boyfriend left the country, did he take the car???if so you should report that to the police and keep records of it so that you do not get accused of being involved in any theft.Consulting with a consumer attorney might be your best bet.

A: You may be able to get some help from the billing department at the hospital business office. they could send a statement letting your insurance company know that the way they handle these types of emergency visits is to send them to the same place as the outpatient…and that these visits were under an emergency case basis. that might help.

A: You should consult with a Georgia Attorney familiar with Real Estate Law. It is never safe to assume anything when it comes to protecting yourself from lawsuits. A quit claim deed might be the wrong way to remove your name – or it could be the correct one.In any event, the deed should be prepared by a lawyer – so that there are no defects on your transfer of title to the soon-to-be-ex.

A: It is within the Judges discretion. Likely the judge could give you some additional time to pay this is you have a good reason…but you have to ask or have your attorney ask for you.

A: Process Server needs to consult an attorney immediately to go over the exact facts. Sounds as though there's not much of a case against the process server.

A: Stand you ground laws always apply in Florida – if you are in a place you are lawfully allowed to be. Mr. Barron has several points you should consider. also, be careful where you park at night – being too close to a school or certain government buildings can create problems. Your right of self defense in Florida follows you everywhere you go in the State but remember that shooting cases get a lot of attention from local law enforcement and prosecutors. proceed with caution.

A: Please add a clear question in your post and I am sure some attorney comments will follow here.

A: If you have not sought medical attention you should do so right away. You do need a personal injury civil rights attorney.Remember that several important statutes of limitations may apply so get advice NOW.

A: There is no minimum. Generally it is one half, but if circumstances allow you can ask the Judge for early termination sooner, likewise, the Judge can make you wait longer. The decision is entirely in the hands of the Judge. A good presentation at a hearing on your request is what will make the difference, assuming you have completed every single requirement of your probation except for time.

A: Depending upon the number of counts, and your criminal conviction history, if any, the maximum could be life. The statute calls for a three year minimum mandatory prison term but this is not enforced in all cases nor is it necessarily the minimum. Many of these cases cannot be proven and thus a resolution could call for a non-mandatory minimum sentence or other resolution. I agree with my collegues who have answered that you need an attorney to explore and even create options for you.

A: Obtain a lawyer to write a demand letter pursuant to the contract, then file suit if the demand isn't met. the lawyer will need to review the contract to determine the specifics.

A: Only if the crossing guard is a sworn law enforcement officer. Only sworn law enforcement my write traffic citations.

A: The other two attorneys have good answers. Have you actually spoken to this tenant and asked that they stop?If so, you could complain of the smoke as a nuisance and known health hazard. the owner of that unit should know that you could be suffering damages due to the smoke smell coming into your until, thereby devaluing it potentially.the best way to stop a dispute is to approach your neighbor and politely ask that they stop and why and how it affects you.You can always resort to…

A: Take photostake a sample of the mold and have it analyzed if you can.clean everything you candid I mention taking photosdo an air quality test before and afterIf the problem persists move – after giving appropriate notice.Consult with an attorney in your area if you are still unsure what to do.

A: Place the no trespassing signs. warn people off when they get on your property and call the police a few times and the trespassing will stop.By not placing the no trespassing signs you could be exposing yourself to liability if someone gets injured on your property.

Q: Non renewal of lease
Answered 6 days ago.
A: Your lease controls. Otherwise I agree with the other two answers.

A: The record will likely be in the system for decades. However, as time passes, the amount of information might reduce down to a very small "redacted" note.Likely the address where the call was responded to will always show a flag in the police computer.

A: No extra costs. get your pictures and go to court. Police sometimes make mistakes in writing tickets.If you are not sure how to proceed in Court then hire a traffic ticket attorney and it sounds like you could win. getting good legal advice before going to Court is always a must have.

A: Arkansas is the venue. Get an attorney in that area. The driver is almost always responsible for defects in the paperwork for a commercial vehicle. If the registrations are expired then the driver should not take the vehicle on the road and the driver is generally assumed and required to know these things.However, an attorney may be able to get the ticket reduced or dropped altogether. Is the registration now current? if it is this will help greatly in getting the ticket disposed of…

A: Since you are already divorced it appears that the venue would still lie in NY. I do not think a Florida Court would take jurisdiction

A: An HOA attorney would need to review the specific language of the docs. However, it is likely this would be allowed since the price is not high and internet was not invented in 1977 the BOD will have to make a decision based upon other areas in the docs. I would bet there is some ability for the BOD to make a decision like that "in the best intersts" of the Association.

A: You should review the lemon law. If the vehicle is defective then under the lemon law it is possible to make the manufacturer buy the car back from you. Aside from that there is little else.

A: You can sue your ex. However, this wont stop the bank from suing you since you are a co-borrower.

A: You should consult with a lawyer. However, depending upon the amount you could take them to small claims court yourself. Your local courthouse has forms you can use to file.Otherwise you will have to obtain a lawyer to help you. However, there is a Florida Law that might allow you to make them pay you back and pay for your attorney fee.

A: You need to consult with an attorney right away. Your insurance should have paid you for value of the car after deducting the outstanding loan balance.the whole thing sounds crooked the way you have described it, and a live consult with an attorney that could review your documentation would clear up a great deal.

A: They can be the same thing depending upon the conduct of the fraudulent party. the key is whether you rely on the fraudulent representation – or omission – and make a decision you would not have made if you knew the truth. the misrepresentation or omission has to be something you relied on in making your decision. Also, it has to be a fraudulent as to a material issue – not a small issue.

Q: Car towed illegally
Answered 8 days ago.
A: I doubt this is worth suing over. the cost and time of suing is far greater than any recovery and you are never going to get a tow truck company to agree or to acknowledge their predatory practices.I would put this behind you if it was me…

A: Consult with a consumer attorney in your area immediately. State law allows you some recourse against fraudulent car dealers – your purchase paperwork will contain important facts so bring it to the attorney. You can find an attorney on AVVO

A: Hi. You have to run a search. AVVO has a great tool for that – but the rules prohibit direct solicitation for clients here.I am sure you will find a good attorney in south florida

A: You should get it back but….since you gave $$ to the landlord they could accept it as compensation for the unpaid damages. there is no specific law on rent overpayments like there is on security deposits.If the amount is substantial, you should consult with a local real estate attorney

A: Make sure you get photos of the damage and make sure you record the dates/times that it happened. this will be the proof you need to show that direct tv is responsible.

A: Definitely get an attorney to look over the declarations. But why don't you try asking the COA/board/manager first to see if they even have a real objection to this since it is your assigned parking spot. sometimes hiring an attorney escalates a situation.

A: It sounds like you have a claim..if you can prove damages. You should most definitely consult with an attorney regarding this, it could be a good case for you. I do not think they can just kick you out like that but your lease will control.

A: The landlord could ask you for the furniture back . If this happens you must give it back immediately. SInce you already took it, you may have a criminal law problem but that can be corrected if the items are returned … but it is never a good idea ton take things you did not pay for unless you ahve proof of a gift or abandonment.

Q: What lawyer can assist me?
Answered 9 days ago.
A: You need an attorney. Use the AVVO attorney search to find an attorney that will give you a consult and some honest advice.

A: It could be a crime so you should consult with an attorney regarding the specific facts of your case. It is not automatically a crime even though some people will say that to get you to pay them. If the work was substandard and you had to pay money to have it fixed, take that documentation to the attorney you consult with.

A: The short answer is yes. I would assume the writ is coming any day and make arrangements immediately.

A: Search AVVO in your area, you should find a competent attorney in brevard county for a consultation.

A: When your lease runs out, then a new lease could be offered without these items. It would help to know if the lease is written or oral. If it is oral then it is harder to give an absolute answer.Consult with a real estate attorney in your area. they could analyze the specific facts and give you your options.

A: Obtain a traffic/drivers license attorney immediately. they may be able to get the chrages reduced or dismissed and get your license back. if you wait you could lose your right to contest the issues.

A: Likely you have no case if the court order had break language in it. However, if the sheriff caused unnecessary damage you might have a case but since these cases take a long time to prosecute it had better be significant damage.If you have consulted with several attorneys, you may have the answer right in front of you.

A: If you are about to suffer damage from the tree(s) then you should take steps to have them trimmed or removed.You are responsible for the limbs that overhang your property. However, you may be able to have the trees removed and collect form the HOA if your property is being damaged by root growth etc.Consult with a lawyer before doing anything – a mistake in your actions could be expensive.

A: You can file suit. this will force the company to respond. Make sure you document everything. Since the company is ignoring your letters, file suit. An attorney is very important in this situation, so make sure you consult with a local business law attorney before moving forward.

A: The answer is usually YES. contact the DMV in VA and show your proof. keep track of who you speak to, their contact info, and of course the dates and times you spoke to them.if you can't get anywhere an attorney can appear for you in most instances.

A: Make sure you have all the insurance required. The DMV has an administrative review office in your area that you may be able have review and reinstate your license. if you are still confused an attorney that is knowledgeable about drivers licenses could perhaps help you.

A: It sounds very complex but I agree with revoking the bonds on all cases until all are worked out just in case there's a jail or prison sentence. You also can get a warrant for each offense and/or VOP – which might explain why there's two cases showing.

A: You should be assigned a court appointed private counsel but don't wait around for it to happen make sure you are in court for your appearances & get your new counsel up to speed on your case as soon as possible.

A: More abut the charge would need to be stated before it could be determined whether you are eligible. Start by going to the FDLE website and reviewing the process, since you have to obtain a certificate of eligibility from FDLE in order to get sealing/expunction.You could apply for clemency (forgiveness) from the governor as well, you would need to go to the Governor's website for that

A: Actually you have both a criminal and a civil case regarding fraud. Civilly you can sue the person you "bought" this car from for taking your money and misrepresenting the debt they already had on the car.Taking money from someone when you are not entitled to it is stealing. In this case is is criminal fraud. You should make a [police report with an economic crimes detective in your local city or county law enforcement agency.

A: 30 days is a general rule of thumb but not an absolute rule. depending upon the charges, Florida might pick him up and then again they might not.

A: You can ask the court to modify your boyfriends stay away order to telephone contact or no unconsented contact.An attorney in Ft. Myers could be found by using the "find a lawyer" function on AVVO

A: You need to file your tort claim immediately to preserve your rights. you can research this on AVVO and find out what to do and where to do it. You are not automatically eligible for compensation – an attorney should advise you on this after reviewing ALL of the facts.

A: You could be arrested. Smartest thing you can do is obtain permission to move. advise your cco of the problem, and get out of there. the slightest hint of trouble on probation or community control can cause you to spend several months in jail.

A: Unfortunately the entire case will be an uphill battle. Since Law Enforcement has controlled all of the information, you will likely have to resort to Federal Court. it isn't what you know – it's what you can prove in court that matters.

A: Document your noise levels with a sound level meter and an audio video recording device. if they are within acceptable levels, consult with a local attorney regarding the police conduct and again, document everything.Also, use common sense – remember you may need to impress a judge, jury or both one day – and don't play music at a level that disturbs your neighbors after say 10pm or before 8 am.

A: Both of the other attorneys have great advice in their answers. Mine is very simple – disclosure is best. why would you want to get involved in an employment, living or other arrangement, get comfortable, build your life around it or partly around it, only to have your arrangement suddenly ended by lack of disclosure. Private citizens are not bound by expunction and sealing – if a private citizen finds out you had a felony case they can use that in making their decision as to how they want to…

A: Without knowing the specific facts an attorney cannot answer this question. You should consult with a criminal attorney in your area.Generally the state is stingy with these wrongful incarceration claims.

A: Not automatically. The appellate court can issue the writ – which would of course call into question a judges rulings in the meantime. An automatic stay is not granted by filing for the writ.

A: The answer is…."it depends" likely you will have to report it or at lease account for it but it is unlikely the federal government can make your wife pay anything or punish you with higher payments due to her income. However, some people use their spouses to "hide" income and therefore any diligent government official, collection agent or attorney would look that issue over very carefully.

A: Likely you are not liable but if you signed anything then it should be reviewed by a competent attorney to be sure. Some businesses have a nasty habit of vindictively filing a collection notice when you back out of a deal. the language of the reservation could have some effect on you. My colleagues have a point and likely no liability for a lease but I would want to know what the reservation says.

A: Once the executrix is given a letter of administration, by court order she becomes "legally" vested with all of the powers the deceased had before death. therefore, it appears that while the law may not specifically direct HOA's to honor a testatrix's vote, the testatrix is legally the same as the deceased and is legally given the authority to do so and to bring an action against the HOA if it does not allow the vote. the HOA cannot just shut the testatrix out since she takes the place of the…

A: We need for information. If you have a legitimate dispute with your current attorney you may be correct in withholding your signature, or you may no. it is always good to get a second opinion when you are confused about something related to a legal claim. Obtain a second opinion.

A: You need to repost your question with more specific facts. If you are having trouble with structuring your sentences then definitely get some help writing your question clearly.However, ….Usually you can find an attorney in your area that will give you a free or reduced cost consultation. The attorney will ask you the right questions and then based on what you say the attorney will then give you good answers and advice.

A: Contact a medical malpractice Attorney in your area immediately & do not delay. the evidence will disappear quickly in the jail system and that is where the initial proof will be. Jails do not keep records like outside medical facilities.You med mal attorney should be able to assist you in finding a competent civil rights attorney which is a separate case but is based on the not delay there is a very short statute of limitations in most states. In Florida it is two years.

A: You should obtain an attorney immediately. the damage has to be fixed and the insurance company has to pay up to policy limits.

A: Your carrier can request co-operation from you in investigating any claims you make that may require them to pay. The other parties insurance company has no right to these documents.You should obtain legal advice before taking any action involving an insurance company. Many people do know know this, but the representative of the insurance company is most likely a licensed and trained insurance adjuster. This person is trained to gather information and handle the claim and information…

A: It would depend upon whether you obtained a full restoration of rights. Most people who obtain rights restoration in Florida only obtain partial rights, which is simply an application & reveiw process. If you received a withhold of adjudication then you are not a convicted felon under Florida Law (for that case) , and if you receive a full restoration of rights after being adjudicated the you have been "unconvicted" and should be eligible to serve. A good test is to see if your firearms right…

A: It depends upon how the car is titled, and how the financing was done. if your husband took the car, and it is in his name or both names then he likely can do this legally. If the car title is in your name only, he cannot, and he would hav to give it back.

A: Unless you did a written contract, you are going to have a hard time obtaining a refund. If you took your case to small claims court, it would be your word against their word, and it would cost you money to file. Unless agreed to specifically by both buy and seller specifically, a purchase/sale of an article of property such as a computer is as-is. It would take a much greater misrepresentation such as it was working and didnt, etc., to give you a good chance of winning in court. If you do…

A: There is no state minimum. Generally it is one half, but if circumstances allow you can ask the Judge for early termination sooner, likewise, the Judge can make you wait longer. The decision is entirely in the hands of the Judge. A good presentation at a hearing on your request is what will make the difference, assuming you have completed every single requirement of your probation except for time. make sure you have all of your requirements done like counseling & treatment, community service,…

A: Unless removed by expungement or pardon, most states keep criminal arrest and conviction information on your record permanently -n for both felony and misdemeanors. Many states have a way to clear your record but a process is involved and it takes time.Consult with a clemency/expungement experienced attorney in your area regarding this, it might be easier than I'm stating here but there's no way to know until you consult with someone that knows what the process involves.

A: You will need an attorney to review your sentencing paperwork and possibly move the court to correct any errors.this process is somewhat complex and no quick answer exists.

A: If the drug court program involved a dismissal of the case then it is possible you could get your firearm rights restored upon expungement but there is no guarantee – remember, federal law plays into firearm possession too.I strongly suggest you find a firearms experience attorney on your area to discuss this issue before you possess firearms or you could find yourself back in court on worse charges.There may simply be a time period where you cannot possess firearms – or there may be…

Q: Do I have any recourse?
Answered 9 days ago.
A: Consult with a local employment attorney. This could be case of retaliation.

A: Get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer in your area immediately. the longer you wait to get started the harder the case could be to prove.

A: Call a few medical malpractice attorneys in your area. they will want to know how all of this has affected you long term, and review your medical records. Med Mal cases are often hard and expensive to prove, but if you know as much as you can about your case before you consult with a med mal attorney the interview will likely be more informative for you.

A: Get online and find one of the attorney firms that handles these cases. if you search AVVO you should find one – if not, do an internet search such as "attorney deprovera" or similar. good luck.

A: You need a Florida Attorney. You will need to have your injuries and treatment documented and be very familiar with what caused you to be injured, for example if you slipped or tripped, what did you slip/trip on? etc.

A: This varies greatly from State to State. You must consult a knowledgeable attorney in the state where the conviction occurred.

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