Motorcycle accidents present unique challenges to the victim, who is usually incapacitated and taken away for emergency medical treatment. It is very important that the victim retain an attorney with knowledge of the dynamics of how motorcycles operate and how motorcycle accidents occur. Mr. Mitchell has been riding motorcycles since the age of 11 years old and has a full understanding of all aspects of motorcycle accidents and faulty product related accidents.

Motorcycle accidents require immediate documentation of the accident scene and vehicles, which often disappear or are repaired within days. The longer a victim and their family wait, the less evidence an attorney can obtain and the value and chances of a reasonable recovery diminish.

A proactive piece of advice to all motorcycle riders – use a go-pro or other “dashcam” type of system to record your travels. This kind of video recording can often make the difference in a case where a negligent party hits a motorcyclist and them blames the motorcyclist while they are fighting for their life in some emergency room.

And of course, always wear a helmet!!!!

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