In today’s modern society, there are more laws on the books regulating more kinds of conduct than at any time in history. The individual and individual rights are being restricted more and more with each passing year. The complexity of modern government and big business presents a very large problem for most individual citizens – resources. Big Government and Big Business have lots of resources, most individual citizens do not.

When an individual is involved in a claim against the government, the government can bring an ever increasing array of resources to bear without much concern for the cost. Governmental resources are not just financial – the government employs some of the best and most experienced professionals in their fields and even more importantly, the government operates a monopoly when it comes to law enforcement. This can be a very big problem for the individual who has a claim against them being made by the government or vice versa. In this day and age, not only does the individual need a skilled and dedicated representative anytime they face the government, but they also need that representative to know who to call and when and what information to access and where to find it.

At The Mitchell Law Firm, we never represent government – only the individual – and we provide a safeguard against governmental abuse of power, overreaching, and violation of constitutional rights.

A similar set of circumstances arise when a claim against big business and/or insurance companies is brought. These companies dedicate a great deal of money and resources to “manage” or otherwise deny or minimize claims made against them. A good example of this is in the area of trucking accidents. In cases involving trucking accidents, many times the trucking company and/or its insurance company have, within 12-24 hours fully investigated, measured, photographed, and documented the scene and the vehicles; downloaded and even erased or secreted the semi’s onboard computers and electronic logbooks and gps trackers; interviewed witnesses and have torn apart the damaged semi-tractor so that a subsequent investigation by the victims attorney is very limited. The individuals that do these investigations for the trucking companies and insurance companies sometimes are never disclosed and the depth of their knowledge is never known. Then they hire the very best lawyers who will defend each aspect of the claim to the fullest, and delay and frustrate the claim of the victim at every opportunity, causing delay in resolution of two years or more. All the while, the injured victim may not be able to work, may have mounting medical bills and becomes more destitute as time passes. However, its back to business as usual at the company.

An experienced and skilled Plaintiffs attorney is the only “defense” an injured person has against a system that does not hold negligent individuals and their associated businesses accountable for their actions. In our system, a victim must use the court process to forcibly bring their claim and force the negligent parties to account for what they have done. There is no penalty to a negligent party who does not come forward and offer compensation to a victim of their negligence.

Small Business owners face similar challenges from big business every day. In many cases, big business and government, and even other small business owners, may take actions that can negatively impact and even destroy years of hard work by a small business owner. In many cases, no one will even acknowledge the small business owners issues, unless and until a lawsuit is filed.

When making a claim against big business, a skilled attorney is often the one and only “defense” a small business owner has to protect them against these kinds of actions by other parties. In a great many cases, the filing of a lawsuit is the first time any attention will be paid to the situation, a process that is totally alien to most business people.

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